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Build It – Product Ranges for Hardware and Building

As the name implies, Build It retailers offer a range of building and hardware supplies for both the private and commercial sectors. This group of over 285 stores in Southern Africa specialize in providing quality supplies and selling well-known hardware and building brands to consumers, … [Read More...]

The Ideal Mattress for a Bad Back

We hope to spend at least 8 hours a day lying on our beds, so having a good mattress is vital, particularly if you have a bad back. If your mattress doesn't provide the right support for your back, any pain and strain you already have can get even worse. Sleeping on a mattress that is … [Read More...]

How to Find the Latest Deals to Mauritius

If you are hoping to travel to a beautiful, exotic destination for your holiday or for work, you would benefit from the following advice on how to find the latest deals to Mauritius. This amazing destination is the ideal spot for a well-deserved getaway, a family reunion, a wedding or … [Read More...]

Spar Store Specials

If you are looking to save money on what you spend every month, you should have a look at the Spar store specials that are on offer and consider doing your shopping there. Every little saving that you manage to find does add to your monthly savings and will help you out in the long … [Read More...]

Gumtree Clothing and Shoes for Sale

If you are looking for good deals on clothing items, have a look at the Gumtree clothing and shoes for sale online. Gumtree is a collection of online classifieds where individuals can post free advertisements for items that are available for sale or for rent. They can also post ‘looking … [Read More...]

Weekly Checkers Promotions

Checkers has a range of different items and products on sale every week. Some of these items may be products that you make use of every day. Finding ways to save small amounts of money on items that you use regularly could save you thousands of rands a year. You will definitely not regret … [Read More...]